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Charles J. Farrell

Chief Executive Officer, Northstar Investment Advisors, LLC

Charles J. Farrell, J.D., LL.M. is the CEO of Northstar Investment Advisors, LLC, which is an independent registered investment advisor in Denver, Colorado.  Charlie’s work focuses on developing portfolio strategies that allow clients to live off the returns on their portfolios.  In that role, he works with clients on retirement income management, portfolio tax planning and wealth transfer planning.  

Charlie is also the author of Your Money Ratios, 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security, which was called “one of the best financial books to cross our desks this year” by The Wall Street Journal.  Charlie’s research on investment and personal finance has been published and cited in numerous national media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Smart Money, Fortune Magazine, Investment News, Investment Advisor Magazine, Journal of Financial Planning, and Financial Planning Magazine.  He has also been a columnist for CBS Moneywatch and Investment News, and currently writes for Inc.com. 

Prior to his role as an investment advisor, Charlie was a tax attorney working with privately held business on retirement and wealth transfer planning. 

Charlie and his wife Paula live in Nederland, Colorado.