We are very privileged to live in Colorado and members of the Colorado Forum care deeply about the future of our State.  The Colorado Forum was formed in 1978 with a diverse membership of business and civic leaders who work to achieve good public policy results for Colorado. The Forum has a long history of positive engagement on issues of importance to the State and because the Forum has no term limits, our consistency of purpose allows us to address issues for as long as it takes to make important change happen. More >


In 2008, the Colorado Forum established the Colorado Forum Fund as a 501c3 charitable organization.  The Fund’s specific purpose “is to educate the public on issues of significance to the State of Colorado and its citizens.”  The Forum Fund has added capacity to the Forum to address charitable purposes.

Most recently, the Colorado Forum Fund has sponsored opinion research and education efforts related to Coloradans' perspectives on the challenges of school funding, initiative reform, state fiscal concerns and our state’s election process.