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David Younggren

President and CEO,  

Gary Community Investment Company and the Piton Foundation

David J. Younggren is the President and CEO of Gary Community Investment Company and The Piton Foundation. Gary Community Investment Company was founded in 2012 to use for-profit investment strategies to support Piton’s philanthropic efforts. Piton was founded in 1976 and is dedicated to improving the lives of Colorado’s low-income children and their families.

Prior to these roles, Mr. Younggren was Senior Vice President of Gary-Williams Energy Corporation. In this capacity, he was responsible for managing the finance, accounting, tax, legal and risk management functions, as well as serving on the board of directors. He also was responsible for managing the company’s real estate portfolio.

Mr. Younggren’s 39 years of energy and real estate industry experience includes three years as a CPA in accounting and taxation with Peat Marwick; four years with Cairn Investment Company, a diversified private holding company; and 32 years with Gary-Williams.

Mr. Younggren has served as a board member of The Piton Foundation for more than 17 years. He also serves on the boards of Urban Land Conservancy (past chairman), Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program (chairman), and Colorado Forum Fund (chairman). He previously served on the board of directors of Belle Creek Metropolitan District, Urban Peak, The Spot, Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, Mackintosh Academy and Denver Academy. He also is a member of the Colorado Forum and Colorado Concern.

He is a graduate of Augustana College and Stanford Graduate School of Business.  Mr. Younggren served for three years as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy.