The Colorado Forum was established in 1978 to create an informed, objective voice on critical public policy issues facing the state. Our 65 members are recognized leaders in the business, education, healthcare, media, legal, real estate, energy and non-profit communities and represent disparate regions in the state of Colorado. Forum membership is politically diverse; we are a nonpartisan organization that operates by 100% consensus. More >



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A Message from Gail Klapper, Member/President

We are very privileged to live in Colorado and members of the Colorado Forum care deeply about the future of our state.  The Colorado Forum was formed in 1978 with a diverse membership of business and civic leaders who work to achieve good public policy results for Colorado. The Forum has a long history of positive engagement on issues of importance to the State and, because the Forum has no term limits, our consistency of purpose allows us to address issues for as long as it takes to make important change happen.  Many of our members have been involved in the Forum's work for more than thirty years.  It is our greatest strength to be able to stay involved and be consistent advocates over long periods of time, to remain nimble in our approach to changing times and attitudes, to work to understand all sides of difficult issues, and to leave politics and our own vested interests at the door to determine appropriate priorities and positions to make Colorado a better place.  This is a unique organization.  It is powerful in its ability to listen carefully to all sides of an issue, learn together and ultimately reach 100% consensus on important policy issues -- with every member of the Forum concurring with the path forward.  I am enormously proud of the work of the Colorado Forum and commend the members of this organization for their ability to step outside their vested business, civic, and personal interests to think about the best public policy outcomes for the State and work toward those goals.