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Jim East


Senior Vice President of Development, Colorado Public Radio

Since joining Colorado Public Radio in 2006, Jim has held positions in fundraising and development. He was named senior vice president of development in January 2015.

Jim's career in radio spans four decades. He's held a variety of positions at stations with diverse formats including news/talk, religious, top 40 and public radio stations. He has worked in nearly every role in radio from volunteer to general manager to national news anchor... except engineering. He quips, "Just don't ask me to fix the equipment. I might break something."

Jim says he got into radio while volunteering at a radio station on Maryland's Eastern Shore right out of high school. "I was quickly struck by the immediacy of the medium." He adds, "Communities are formed around local radio stations."

Jim holds a Bachelor's degree from Oral Roberts University and has studied at the graduate level at Regent University and at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. He lives in Aurora, with his husband, David, who is a mental health professional and educator. They enjoy family, music, theater, hiking and travel.