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Priya Burkett

Director, Business Development

Global Commercial Services, American Express


Priya Burkett is the Director of Business Development for American Express Global Commercial Services.  Priya's team focuses on business-to-business financial products and services -- specifically working to enable process and cost efficiencies within accounts payable while earning a return -- turning a cost center into a profit center.  She has extensive experience leading large and complex, cross-functional projects to profitable solutions.

Priya Burkett was born in Washington D.C. and spent the first five years of her life in Hyderabad, India.  When she was five years old, she left the care of her grandmother in India, and returned to Washington D.C. to join her parents.  Upon graduation from The George Washington University, she programmed systems for financial firms in New York City.  In 1999 her professional career brought her to Denver, Colorado where she completed her Executive MBA.  She resides with her husband and her three children in Denver.

Priya dedicates much of her time to community service and philanthropic initiatives.  Her focus is on K-12 education, women and diversity, financial literacy, health and outdoor recreation.  She serves on the boards of the Denver Public School Foundation, Denver Public Library Friends Foundation and the Colorado Diversity Council. She has also been selected as one of the 2018 Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Colorado and named one of three 2018 9News Leader of the Year finalists.